What is Curious Shoppers?
Curious Shoppers is a South African online store that offers quality products and fast deliveries for customers. Visit the about us page to learn more about Curious Shoppers

Are the products on this website good quality?
Definitely Yes; this is one other reason we have the return policy.

Is it safe to shop on this website?
Absolutely Yes. Your information is secure. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Can I Order manually?
Yes, first create an account online and then contact us to order manually. Note that it is much easier to order online.

Can I pay using EFT instead of paying directly from the website?
Yes; you will need to send proof of payment. You will also need to contact us directly for smooth process.

What is the cost of shipping?
Cost depends on number items purchased, however shipping is free on orders exceeding R399.00

If my information protected? How do you protect my privacy?
Yes Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information

Can you embroider logos or text on hats?

How can I buy a bulk?

Can I change or return Order?
Yes Please visit our Refunds & Exchanges page for more information

How long does it take to deliver?
Between 3-5 days within South Africa. Elsewhere it may take between 14 days up to 21 days.

How do I track my order?
Please visit Track Order page for information on tracking orders

What is my order does not arrive?
Please contact us if this happens, however this is a very rare situation that your order may not arrive. Verify that your shipping address is current to avoid such situation.

Do you provide updates on product promotions?
Yes, simply subscribe to our newsletters.

How can I log a complaint or a suggestion?
Please do this through the contact us page